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Snowie’s Sour Shot was created to satisfy those customers that crave and love the way something sour makes their face contort, eyes water, and their mouth pucker with pleasure.

Snowie offers many flavors that are sour in their own right; Sour Apple, Sour Grape, Pink Lemon Sour, to name a few…. But what about the flavors that aren’t inherently sour? Snowie’s Sour Shot is the solution!

Snowie’s Sour Shot is packaged in powder form to save you money on shipping but also so that you can mix it with as much or little water as you choose, achieving the perfect punch you desire.

Do you want the traditional Sour Shot experience? Simply add 1 cup of the bag of acid (half the bag) to a 1-gallon jug and add purified water. In this case, you will end up with 2 whole gallons of Sour Shot.

Do you want your Sour Shot to be Sour Extreme? Add the entire bag (2 cups total) of this special blend of acids to a 1-gallon jug and add purified water.

Sour Shot


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