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In the shaved ice industry it is known that block ice always provides the finest, most consistent shave. Shaving from a block (compared to using regular cubes of ice that would come from a home freezer) creates a perfectly textured snow that is then topped with sweet flavoring to make a frozen treat.

Using our commercial block ice freezers, we produce blocks of ice for shaved ice locations and other businesses to use as they need.

Block Ice, Shaved Ice
  • 12in X 5.5in X 5.5in solid blocks (not compressed ice)

  • Filtered, & purified water

  • Packaged/sealed in plastic bag for ease of transportation

  • 10 lbs. block

Ice Specs

How to Purchase

Call: 513-231-6040 to place orders 

Available for pick up at our warehouse (appointment required):

1284 Heitman Ln,

Batavia, OH 45103

We deliver! $25 delivery fee, + $0.65/mile and 100 block minimum

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