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We strive to make every customer leave with a BIG SMILE - a colorful Snowie smile. After all, we are in the business of sweetening people's day!

Lyle Rupp

For more than 40 years, Snowie Shaved Ice has pleased families across the U.S. In 2004, Lyle Rupp brought Snowie's fluffy goodness to Cincinnati, Ohio. He originally purchased one stand for him and his kids to run together. With his kids being in high school and involved in sports, it was hard for them to find a job that would be willing to work around their busy schedules. Lyle saw this as an opportunity to not only give his children a means of earning their own money but a way to teach them about the art of running a business. Since then, Snowie has won the hearts of the people in Cincinnati, becoming the tastiest reminder that summer has arrived!  

Deana Saadawi

Deana Saadawi pursued her education at the University of Cincinnati, where in her second year, she found inspiration to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Motivated to start her own business, she seized an opportunity to acquire a Snowie stand. Despite lacking expertise in the field, Deana courageously embraced the challenge. Gratefully, Lyle, with extensive experience in managing and operating multiple successful locations, took Deana under his wing and the mentorship has turned more into a partnership.


Our Team 

The only thing better than our shaved ice is our employees! We take great pride in the quality of service our employees provide. They know that every interaction is a reflection of Snowie and they represent us (and themselves) very well.

For many, this is their first job opportunity, therefore we have an obligation to teach them the skills and knowledge necessary to run and manage a business. 

Want to become a part of our Snowie family? Please click here to complete the application. 

How To Find Us 

When you need to sweeten up your next event, count on the Snowie Bus and Snowie Shaved Ice. We'll set up shop at your private party, sports outing, or fundraiser. Don't have an event?
We've still got you covered! Come and see us at
any of our stationary locations open
daily throughout the summer.
Need more information?
Call us at 513-231-6040
Email us at
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Snowie-58 resized_edited.jpg

Our Product

Snowie Shaved Ice is the refreshing treat that is loved by people of all ages. Our unique shaving process uses block ice to create fluffy snow leading to every bite tasting better than the last. Our syrup is evenly distributed throughout every cup making each bite colorful and flavorful. From Cherry to Cotton Candy, Snowie guarantees each flavor will have a

consistent and authentic taste. 

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