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Snowie is the first and only company in the industry to launch a division dedicated to the increasing demand for natural products. After countless hours of research and development to ensure our flavors deliver a colorful and flavor-rich variety of natural flavors, Snowie has reinvented the shaved
ice world yet again.

This product is a concentrate powder and when mixed with water creates a pint of liquid concentrate. Snowie’s powder concentrates ONLY require the addition of purified water. 


  • Snowie delivers that same icy fun in a more modern, natural way with Snowie Naturals in powder! These powders deliver an abundance of fruity fresh frostiness, without artificial flavoring or coloring. Simple, pure, flavorful and fun. Introducing a genuine way to chill out. Snowie Natural Powders accomplish what any business owner is looking for:

    • Shelf Stable – less to zero waste
    • Dramatically reduced shipping costs in powder vs. liquid
    • Packed with color & flavor Natural colors from fruits, veggies, natural sources
    • Natural flavors & ingredients
    • Competitive edge over competition = you get the booth at the event you desire
    • Competitive edge over competition = you have the line in front of your stand (not the other guy)

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