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You are now part of a large group of people who own and operate Snowie equipment. We now affectionally refer to this group as #Snowballa’s. Please reference the definition below. 




noun: snowballa; plural noun: snowballas

  • an individual or group who make shaved ice (snow balls) either for fun or for a living.

  • an individual or group who make big things happen from small beginnings 

    That lady will always make things happen, she is a snowballa!

  • someone who makes good money while making shaved ice for a living, thus a balla!

We use this hashtag #snowballa to recognize those who have a passion for making shaved ice and even more definitively, those who make great money while performing that passion. Lastly, snowballa plays into the term, “Snowball Effect” which means that anything you start, small or otherwise, if you do it with consistency, passion, hard work, will, and dedication, it will build on itself and become whatever you put into it. 

So this shirt is for our true #SnowBalla’s out there!

This shirt come’s in a variety of colors and sizes. This T-Shirt is durable and stylish made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

Snowballa T-Shirt


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